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Herbalife Quick Start 21...

Meet the new generation of Herbalife Formula 1 meals that support proper weight management and control with lasting results. Start with the 21 days program and the results will convince you. ).


1 Formula 1 drink with flavor of your choice
1 herbal instant drink (tea 50g).

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It can be difficult to stay on track and make better food choices when you are constantly on-the-go and being pulled in different directions.
Say no to high calorie, fatty, sugary foods and reach for a Herbalife Protein Bar instead.
Our Chocolate Peanut flavoured protein bars are a tasty snack, perfect for when you need it most and a treat for those of us with a sweet tooth.

The snack pack includes:
Protein chocolates with flavors:
• Vanilla Almond - 14 pieces
• Pistachio chocolate-14 pieces
• Chocolate lemon - 14 pieces
Gift of two pieces Dry Soybeans

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2. You can recommend the products to your friends or relatives. You give them to them at retail, you earn the difference (this way you get your own products for free).
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4. You will have the support and guidance of your sponsor (coach)

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